After starting out in our fun recreational program.  Many students will choose to be part of our Professional Program.  Being part of the Professional Program is an awesome opportunity.  It makes performers reach potentials they have never thought possible.  It gives the dancers a sense of unity and teaches them hard work and discipline.  

Attendance Policy

Just as sports teams require all players to attend practices, a dance team requires it’s performers to attend classes and rehearsals.  Absences will hold back not only the individual performer, but also the whole team.  All team members must maintain a minimum 85% attendance average/class.  Dancers missing sections of choreography may be removed from those sections.  If you are injured, you should still attend your classes and observe.  If you are ill, use your judgement as to whether you should be around your classmates.  Please do not plan holidays during our festival dates.

FX family," love of dance" policy

All performers must have a positive attitude - NO EXCEPTIONS!  Performers MUST interact with fellow dancers: learn from other studios, enjoy sharing their stage presence!  SMILE!  Have respect and be positive to all teachers, judges and studio owners, competitors and parents.  We urge each performer to do the best they can!  Please remember the Dance FX “5 mile rule.”  This is our rule, if you don’t have anything nice to say, please hold your comments until you are 5 miles from the venue.  We don’t want to discuss things in front of other studios/parents/dancers in the auditorium, dressing room or lobby, as you never know if you are talking about someone’s loved one.  We discuss with our dancers before festivals how we are proud of their progress, and not every judge will have the exact same thoughts as their teachers.  Teach them to enjoy their experience, no matter what the metal outcome.

Social Media

There is a ZERO tolerance for any negative or inappropriate posting on any types of social media.  Team members will be asked to remove any posts and may result in suspension or expulsion.  All videos of dances or dancers from Dance FX, must get permission before posting.


The Professional Program classes will take part in 3 festivals.  If your class is attending the 4th, you will be notified.  These festivals could take place in Red Deer, Camrose, Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan or Olds.  Lists will go up at the beginning of the season to advise which ones will be attended for that season.

Expect to be scheduled over the entirety of the festival.  3-4 weeks prior to the festival, you should receive more detailed days and times.  Festival fees will be due in full before the Christmas break.

Dance FX Logo

Our Dance FX logo, or FX, can not be put on anything such as apparel, bags, or other items without the permission of Andy or Tina. Our logo represents our business, and we must approve anything that is being made and used in public or at the studio.  

Note to Parents

Thank you in advance for always being so wonderful at festivals.  We are proud of your behaviour and ask that you continue you good habits.  Here are a few notes for new parents that may be just starting this experience.

*Do not enter theatres during dance routines, move quickly to a spot and sit quietly without talking during dances.  Show the respect you would like to see for your own dancer, to the others on stage that you may not know.

*Do not approach adjudicators, judges or writers.  Doing this could lead to disqualification.

*Cheer for all of our Dance FX family dances!!  The more love they feel, the greater experience for all.  However, remember it is an ART form.  Hockey team hoots and yells are not promoted at Dance FX.  Never compare or talk about one group beating another.  We are all ONE team!  We teach our students to respect each other, be each others supporters, and be proud of each others achievements, please help us in showing them how to behave in these competitive situations.

*Have your dancer in the building an hour and a half prior to their dance time, and in the rehearsal area, one hour before.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

*Winning a trophy is not the most important thing.  What matters is that they grow and learn from their experiences and truly believe they are doing the best they can do!